Healthy Lunchbox Snacks Your Kids Will Love!

We’ve all been there.

The summer season ends and it’s time to go back to school. And moms world over are
thinking just one thing: What should I pack for school lunches?

We all know what fussy eaters kids can be. And finding something they approve of, which also happens to be healthy, and is easy for you to prepare… it’s impossible, right?

Well, it was. Until now.

Gather around moms, because we’ve decided to make your lives easier by putting together a list of healthy lunch box ideas that your kids will love!

1. Fruit
This one may seem a bit obvious, but it’s shocking how often it’s overlooked. Adding fresh seasonal fruit to your kids’ diets is a fantastic way of adding a sweet touch
without any refined sugar. Packed with essential fibre and vitamins, this one is a

2. Nutrilov Granola Bars
This is a favourite for kids that have trouble sitting still while eating (we see you
chasing them moms!) Not only are granola bars packed with nutrition, but they’re a great way to get your kids to eat ingredients they may normally fuss over - such as dried fruit or nuts. Keep our five-flavoured pack in rotation, and surprise your young ones with a new flavour twist each day of the week!
Bonus Tip: Our Chocolate Chip & Coconut and Chocolate Brownie bars are our most popular flavours amongst kids.

3. Vegetable Sticks
Carrots, cucumbers, zucchini - the options are endless! Most kids love to pick up food with their hands, and these vegetable sticks are the perfect snack to let them take charge. Healthy, nutritious & can be prepared in under 5 minutes? Sign us up!

4. Fresh Jam Sandwiches
This one is a little complex because it requires you to first prepare home-made jam. But the reward is big! Store-bought jams may look tempting, but they’re packed with refined sugar and all sorts of additives. Preparing jams at home with seasonal fresh fruit is easy, and allows you to control exactly what goes in it. And the result? Jars of natural delicious goodness. As a bonus, you can really get creative with it and not just use it as a sandwich spread, but even as a topping on granola bowls, smoothies… the possibilities are endless!

5. Nutrilov Crunchy Cereal
We really saved the best for last, didn’t we? But we have good reason!
Our crunchy cereal is one of the most versatile ingredients you can use as a snack. Firstly, you can have it with milk, yogurt or on its own - it’s delicious every time and kids love it! It’s packed with nutritional value and flavour without having any harmful additives or refined sugar. To top it off, our Cereal Cup packaging with the built-in spoon is always a fun snack for kids to dig into!

Found these ideas helpful? Share our list with moms you know who could use the inspiration!