Learn More About
Our Real Ingredients*

At Nutrilov, we specifically choose
ingredients that can enhance flavor,
provide nutrition,and serve as a
healthy snack. We believe that our
customers shouldn’t compromise on
quality of food they consume.
*Ingredients vary with each flavor

Satisfy Your
Taste Buds

Whether it’s oats, nuts or freshly
ground peanut butter, our fiber
enriched ingredients make our Granola Bars
and Crunchy Cereals not just
delicious but also extra nutritious.

Oat-Standing Oats

Oats are the power ingredient of
our products - procured from the
best sources, they are rich in fiber
and protein, and provide lasting
energy to help you keep up with
your busy lifestyle.

Preservative Free

Sticking true to our promise of all
natural great tasting energy snacks,
you will find all Nutrilov products to
be free of any preservatives, additives
and artificial flavorings.

Natural Sweeteners

Free from refined white sugar, all our
products are sweetened with a
combination of honey and brown sugar
only- this results in a taste that keeps you
coming back for more without
compromising on your health.