Meet Yogi Raasti

Meet Raasti Said Diwan - a mama of a beautiful girl, a yogi, and a business owner who wears her heart on her sleeve with heightened spirits and calmness in her energy!

Q: Raasti, it's wonderful to have you here for this interview. Let's dive right in. Can you share with us how your journey into yoga began and how it became a pivotal force in your life?

Raasti: Absolutely! My journey into yoga wasn't planned; it sort of found me at a time when I needed it the most. I was going through a challenging phase, and yoga became this transformative practice that helped me stay grounded and find inner peace. As I remained consistent with it, I realized its profound impact on my life. It became a guiding force that led me to discover my true purpose.

Q: Tell us about the inception of Yogalift. How did the idea of creating a studio in Karachi come about?

Raasti: Well, after experiencing the transformative power of yoga in my own life, I felt compelled to share it with others. I wanted to create a space where people could not only practice yoga but also find catharsis and connect with their inner selves. That's how Yogalift came into being – a state-of-the-art studio offering various yoga sessions led by practitioners and experts in different flows and movements.

Q: Your playlist on Spotify includes songs by ODESZA, particularly "Light of the Day" and "Kusanagi." How do these tracks resonate with your yoga practice?

Raasti: ODESZA's music, especially these two tracks, holds a special place in my heart. The beats and melodies create an atmosphere of tranquility and positivity, enhancing the overall yoga experience. It's like the music becomes an integral part of the movement and meditation, creating a harmonious flow.

Q: With such a rigorous routine, how do you manage to find balance in your fitness journey?

Raasti: Balance is key, and I believe in exploring different movements to keep things interesting. Whether it's swimming, dancing, strength training, or aerial yoga, I think variety is essential. Don't limit yourself to one type of exercise just for aesthetics; find what makes you happy and helps you become the best version of yourself.

Q: We heard about your mindful meditation practice, especially before your daughter wakes up for school. How does this practice contribute to your overall well-being?

Raasti: Mindful meditation is a non-negotiable part of my day. Those 30 minutes before my daughter wakes up set a positive tone for the day. It keeps me grounded, present, and filled with loving awareness. It's my time to connect with myself and be ready to face whatever the day brings.

Q: You mentioned the importance of not restricting oneself in terms of movement and having guilty pleasures in nutrition. Can you elaborate on these philosophies?

Raasti: Absolutely! When it comes to movement, diversity is key. Explore different activities that bring you joy and contribute to your well-being. As for nutrition, I'm a firm believer in including plant-based products in meals while leaving room for guilty pleasures. Life is about balance, and enjoying the occasional chicken nuggets and fries adds a sprinkle of happiness to the journey.

Q: Any final words of advice for those embarking on their fitness journey?

Raasti: Embrace the joy in movement, find what resonates with you, and don't be too strict with your diet. Including nutritious plant-based options is crucial, but don't forget to indulge in the guilty pleasures that make you smile. It's all about creating a sustainable and fulfilling lifestyle.