Making healthy choices isn’t as hard as you think. But what exactly are “healthy habits”? It doesn’t always have to mean a hardcore work out or tasteless food. Minor tweaks and mini changes throughout your busy day can energize you and leave you feeling great!

1. H2o
Drink water! Sometimes when you’re feeling tired or out of energy, it’s usually dehydration. Remind yourself to drink water and go through at least 3 liters a day. If plain water doesn’t work for you, try flavoring it with mint, lemon, cucumbers, oranges or apples. Here’s a little secret – if you’re ever feeling hungry and it isn’t meal time yet, try drinking water. Your hunger is likely to disappear!

2. Stairs are your best friends

As tempting as the elevator looks, skip it and take the stairs especially when ascending. This is a great way to sneak in a quick work out and build stamina. If you feel you need to warm up before you climb, try and park away from the building so your body is ready to get moving.

3. Go for Grains
When choosing what to eat, opt for whole grains and fiber rich foods to keep your digestive tract in tune. Some great options include brown rice, oats, barley, and multigrain cereals.

4. Stretch it Out
whether you work on a desk or run around throughout the day, it is very important to stretch your muscles. This keeps the blood pumping and increases your body’s flexibility. It was also help you fix your posture. Every 30 minutes, throw in a few quick stretches while standing up and sitting down. This express meditation will also give you peace of mind

5. Eat on Time
Your body can adapt to routine very quickly. Get in the habit of starting out your day with a hearty breakfast, a light lunch and an even lighter early dinner. This will save you from untimely cravings and help you digest food efficiently.

Try incorporating these simple ideas in your daily routine and you are bound to see a difference. While everybody reacts differently to change, healthy habits can always be beneficial. Good luck!

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