Back To School Bundle - Two Granola 6-Bar Packs

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Nutrilov Chocolate Chip & Coconut Granola Bar

Nuts about Coconuts? Packed with proteins, Nutrilov’s Chocolate Chip & Coconut is ideal for the people with a sweet tooth. Enjoy the perfect blend of chocolate and coconut so you get the best of both worlds. A best-seller and one of our oldest flavor, people can’t seem to enjoy just one. When you try this, you are bound to keep coming back for more. Enjoy it with your morning coffee or evening tea and you are good to go!

Nutrilov Chocolate Brownie Granola Bar

This Chocolate Brownie Granola Bar has such a decadent taste that it’s hard to believe for some if it’s even healthy.  With the perfect combination of toasty, chocolatey oats and crunchy nuts, this fudgy granola bar is all you need to satisfy your chocolate cravings. With no artificial preservatives, this granola bar is too good to be true. So, don’t miss out on any brownie points and try our Nutrilov Granola Bar today! 

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