As Ramadan begins from April 14, 2021 let’s
look at some healthy tips and tricks to keep
our health in check:

1) Add protein in your diet

During iftar it’s imperative to consume protein as it is critical in
maintaining and producing muscle mass. So, boost your energy with
Nutrilov’s power-packed Chocolate Chip & Coconut Granola Bar.

2) Carbs & fiber are important
We tend to indulge in carbs because they’re scrumptious and it’s often
hard to stay away from them. But a lot of people don’t know that there
are types of healthy and unhealthy carbs that you can consume. It’s all
about knowing what should be part of your meal plan. Nutrilov’s
Chocolate Brownie is one such option that you can go for.

3) Engage in mild exercise
While you might be feeling a little fatigued in the first week of Ramadan.
Try now to exert too much pressure on yourself and just do light exercise.
Our Lemon Cashew bar is perfect to help you stay energized so you can
power through your day easily.

4) Avoid foods high in sodium
Try to avoid as much salt as possible. As sodium tends to increase your
blood pressure. Whereas, a healthier option would be that you replace it
with Nutrilov’s Peanut Butter & Raisin Granola Bar perfect for sehri and
bound to give you the right head start to your day.

5) Try to avoid caffeine as it might dehydrate you
While anything in excess is not good for health. Caffeine is one such thing
that can increase your fasting blood sugar. A healthier and smarter way
to go about it would be to opt for minimal coffee intake. You can also go
for Nutrilov’s Almond Cappucino and which is infused with the perfect
mix of Coconut Oil and Coffee Powder.

Nutrilov – The #RightBite for Ramazan.
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