If you are one of those women who haven’t joined a group exercise class, chances are you constantly struggle with sticking to a consistent at-home workout routine. And we get it. Jumping on the treadmill sounds way more daunting than trying to squeeze in a nap while your toddler sleeps or watching your favourite television show or just rewinding with a cup of tea at the end of a long tiring day. But remember that adrenaline rush, that post-exercise high? Don’t we all miss it? And as they say ‘I regret that workout’ – said no woman ever! So here are some tips that are sure to motivate you to workout.

1. Plan your healthy meals

Trust me, exercise and healthy food go hand in hand. It’s like the opposite of a vicious cycle, a healthy cycle. You buy healthy ingredients, you cook healthy food, and you end up squeezing in a workout. Because who wants all that hard work to go to waste? So next time you are out shopping, ignore the junk food aisle. Stock your fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables, make a weekly meal plan, stick to it and your desire to exercise will increase tenth fold.

2. Make a killer workout playlist

This one works wonders. It does require some homework though. You need to brainstorm your favorite songs – the kind that totally pump you up and make you feel like that six-pack is only a few sprints away, and then download them in your phone/ipod. But once you do this, you will automatically start looking forward to your workouts. And here’s a fun tip: you don’t have to limit yourself to English songs; some Bollywood songs will make a great addition to your playlist too. London Thumakda anybody?

3. Invest in cute and comfortable workout clothes

Funky, printed tights and soft breathable t-shirts with motivational quotes – sounds like the perfect recipe for a great workout, no? The importance of comfortable and pleasing workout attire is often underestimated. Dress up for your workout, funk it up with colors and treat the workout as an opportunity to feel good about yourself. There are quite a few brands that do amazing workout clothes, but since they are quite expensive, the best time to stock up is during their annual sales. So keep an eye out for a 50% off sign at Nike, Adidas and Puma ladies. Although some local brands are also popping up and peachwearpk (facebook.com/peachwearpk) looks quite promising with their current collection.

4. Join a virtual support group

Working out alone in a household where everybody is busy eating gulam jamuns and biscuits with the evening tea can become quite lonely and detrimental to your healthy regime. The best way to keep yourself on track is by joining the various fitness oriented/healthy eating groups on Facebook which are filled with likeminded women who love sharing their healthy meals and workouts on a daily basis. You can even make a Whataspp group with a few of them and keep yourself going when things look tough.
Here are a few hot and happening Facebook  groups worth joining:

  • Peace, Mind, Body
  • Fit’N’fine
  • Stay Fit at Home

5. Reward yourself

Promise to treat yourself to a little something at the end of a good workout week. If you have been consistent with your healthy routine, it’s okay to indulge in a scoop or two of your favorite ice-cream or gorge down that burger you have been resisting the entire week. And if you are the sort of person who feels cheat meals do more harm than good, you can always pamper yourself with a spa or movie date with your best friend.

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